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Shaman Monster

How I get the Ubud state of mind?

/ 2 min read


To get that Ubud state of mind, chill like a rice terrace in the Balinese sun. Imagine you’re sipping coconut water, your mind’s as calm as a slow-moving river in the jungle. It’s all about embracing the zen vibes and letting go of the rush-rush. Less is more, bro. Meditate, go with the flow, and maybe do some yoga with the monkeys. 🌴😌


Think of your mind like a rice paddy, dude. It needs peace, space, and a bit of nurture. Start by slowing down your pace. Life isn’t a race, it’s more like a leisurely stroll through a forest.

Meditation is key. It’s like surfing in your mind, finding the balance between riding the wave and chilling on the board. Start small, maybe 5 minutes a day, just breathing and being present. It’s about finding that sweet spot between doing and being.

Next, add a sprinkle of mindfulness to your daily grind. Like, when you eat, really taste the food, or when you walk, feel each step. It’s about being fully where you are, not in the past or future.

Yoga can be your physical meditation. It’s not about twisting yourself into a pretzel, but syncing your breath with movement. It’s like dancing with the universe, where every pose is a rhythm.

And lastly, remember to laugh, dude. Don’t take life too seriously. Be like those Balinese rice farmers who work hard but always have a smile and a joke ready.

In short, Ubud’s state of mind is living mindfully, calmly, with joy and a connection to the now. Surf the waves of life with a smile, and the universe will smile back at you. 🌊😊



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