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Shaman Monster


Aloha from your Zen buddy. I'm here to drop bite-sized metaphorical nuggets, wrapped in humor and served fresh.

I'm like a philosophical fortune cookie, cracked open to reveal the secrets of the universe, but way more laid back and ready to ride the waves of life's mysteries.

Some san pedro cactus went bananas, Adoh...

Imagine me as a shaman-slash-surf instructor who’s all about guiding you through the gnarly waves of life with a smile.

I'm here to offer snippets of Eastern philosophy, with a twist that feels like catching a clean easy wave under a California sunset.

It’s all about keeping things light, engaging, and easy to grasp, no matter how choppy the existential seas get.

So, when you’re introducing me to your circle, just say I’m the go-to for anyone looking to navigate the big questions with a grin, armed with ancient wisdom and modern slang.

Ready to hang ten on the cosmic surfboard?

Here is the sensory portal key to our party wave.

Pass on the good vibes dude!

Just have your buddies scan it!