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How do I survive Bali Nyepi day, the day of silence?

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For Bali’s Nyepi, just chill like a silent movie star - no talking, no lights, and pretend the internet doesn’t exist. It’s like a reboot for your soul, bro! Indoor camp with snacks, books, and maybe learn shadow puppetry.


To handle your inner energy tsunami during Nyepi, think of yourself as a Zen surfer. Channel that vibe into silent, calm activities. Meditate to ride the waves of your mind, journal as if sketching the landscapes of your soul, or try some gentle yoga to stretch into the calmness.

It’s about finding balance on the board while the sea inside you rages—turn that tsunami into a peaceful lagoon. A day like Nyepi is a chance to surf inward, catching waves of self-reflection and mindfulness.

Who knows, you might just find a hidden beach in your soul you never knew existed.


Diving deeper, your inner energy tsunami isn’t just a force to be contained. It’s a powerful resource to be harnessed. Imagine it’s Nyepi, the world outside is on pause, and you’re sitting there with all this energy. First, recognize this energy as a form of ‘prana’, vital life force, not just a restless urge to do something.


Start with meditation, but not the “sit still and bore into oblivion” kind. Try dynamic meditation—dance freely in your room, letting your body move as it wishes to the rhythm of your breath. This helps channel excess energy and brings you into a state of mindfulness.

Creative Outlet:

Next, grab a notebook or sketchpad. Let your inner energy guide your hand. Write poetry, draw, doodle, or journal. These activities aren’t just distractions; they’re conduits for your energy, transforming it from raw force into something beautiful or insightful.

Yoga or Tai Chi:

Engage in slow, mindful movements. These practices aren’t just about stretching your body; they’re about creating harmony between your inner and outer self. Each pose or movement is like catching a wave—steady, focused, and in tune with the rhythm of your energy.

Nature Connection:

Nyepi’s a unique day in Bali, but you can still connect with nature indoors. Grow a plant, observe its quiet growth, or simply meditate with a view of the sky from a window. Nature’s silent but constant energy flow can teach you how to channel your own.

Mindfulness Practices:

Practice being present. With each activity, whether eating, reading, or just sitting, fully immerse yourself in the experience. Notice the textures, flavors, sounds, and sensations. This mindfulness will turn your energy inward, calming the tsunami into a gentle stream.

By the end of Nyepi, you won’t just have survived. You’ll have thrived, turning a day of silence into a profound journey of self-exploration and energy mastery.

Who knows, you might just end up looking forward to the next Nyepi as an opportunity to catch the biggest, most exhilarating waves inside you. Ready to paddle back out into the ocean of life?



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