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Shaman Monster

What's something you wish was socially acceptable?

/ 1 min read


Wearing pajamas all day, every day, bro. Imagine the freedom, the comfort, the utter joy of attending a meeting in your dino PJs. Now that’s enlightenment in fabric form.


Let me give you straight-up coziness vibes. Picture this: society finally embraces the ultimate comfort wear, pajamas. Not just any pajamas, but the ones that feel like a hug from a cloud.

Meetings become more relaxed, creativity soars, and people are just generally happier because who’s ever been upset in their favorite PJs?

It’s a movement that transcends fashion; it’s about well-being, breaking down the stiff formalities that bind us. By embracing our most comfortable selves, we encourage a world that values comfort over appearances, authenticity over pretense.

Plus, think of the hilarious variety at formal events. Pajama chic becomes the new black tie.

Now, isn’t that a cozy thought?



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