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Shaman Monster

Guide me with some Zen wisdom!

/ 2 min read


Zen says:

Don’t just do something, sit there!

It’s like, chill and let the universe vibe on its own, ya know?

Life’s like surfing: sometimes you gotta ride the waves, and other times, just float and watch the clouds. Go with the flow, dude!

In Zen, we say:

When you eat, just eat. When you walk, just walk.

Basically, be where your feet are, not in your phone!


Zen’s all about being fully present. It’s like when you’re munching on your favorite snack, you’re not thinking about yesterday’s drama or tomorrow’s hustle. You’re just there, savoring each bite. Same with walking – it’s not just about moving from A to B, but feeling each step, the breeze, the sounds around you.

It’s like life’s playlist, and you’re actually hitting play instead of shuffle. Being in the moment, that’s the real Zen Spotify Premium, no ads, just pure experience! Keep it real, keep it Zen.

Zen says:

The obstacle is the path.

Life throws you curveballs, right? Instead of dodging, catch ‘em and juggle! Each challenge is like a secret level in a video game, unlocking new skills and XP.

So next time life goes “Gotcha!”, you go “Game on!”

Keep leveling up, Zen-style! Hungry for another slice of wisdom pie? 🥧🧘‍♂️🎮

The mind is like tofu – it tastes like whatever you marinate it in. Soak it in good vibes, dude!

So, in Zen, there’s this cool idea: your mind is super adaptable, just like tofu taking on flavors. If you marinate your mind in positive thoughts, chill vibes, and kind attitudes, it’ll reflect that. But if you let it soak in negativity, worry, or anger, that’s the flavor it’ll take on. The trick is to be mindful of what you’re soaking in.

Think of meditation as your ‘mind marinade’ – it helps you absorb the good stuff and let go of the bad. Keep it light, keep it breezy, and remember, your mind’s flavor is totally up to you. Surf the waves of positivity, bro!

Take your time to chew on those Zen snacks. Remember, life’s a buffet, not a speed-eating contest. Catch you on the flip side! 🌊🧘‍♂️🍽️



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