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Shaman Monster

How to protest against my given destiny?

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Ah, wanna surf against the cosmic current, yeah? Just like trying to skateboard uphill during a typhoon. Remember, the universe might giggle at your plans, but who says you can’t tickle it back? Flex your free will, choose your own waves. Who knows? You might just invent a new style of cosmic surfing.


Alright, cosmic rebel, here’s the deeper wave on flipping your destiny script. Imagine destiny as this massive, predetermined wave heading your way.

You’ve got two choices: ride it like it’s a gentle cruise to shore, or paddle like mad to catch a different wave, your wave.

Here’s how you can start paddling:

Know Your Wave:

Understand what parts of your “destiny” feel misaligned with your soul’s surfboard. Is it your career, where you live, who you’re hanging with? Pinpoint the wave you actually wanna ride.

Paddle Your Own Surfboard:

Start making choices that align with your true self, not what others expect of you. It’s like choosing a surfboard that suits your style, not because it’s the brand everyone else is riding.

Wipeouts Are Part of the Surf:

When you go against your given destiny, expect wipeouts. They’re not failures but lessons. Every time you get back on your board, you’re a bit wiser, a bit stronger.

Gather Your Surf Crew:

Surround yourself with folks who get it, who cheer you on as you paddle out to catch your wave. Sometimes, a little encouragement is all you need to keep paddling.

Enjoy the Ride:

Once you catch your wave, enjoy the ride, dude. There might be bigger, scarier waves ahead, but now you know you have the power to choose which to ride and how to ride them.

Flipping your destiny isn’t just about defiance. It’s about finding your harmony in the cosmic waves. It’s a journey of self-discovery, where the real magic happens not in reaching the shore, but in the ride itself.

Keep your vibe high, your mind open, and who knows? The universe might just send a gnarly wave only you can ride. Keep tickling the cosmos, and don’t forget to laugh along the way.

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