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Shaman Monster

How do I obtain a boost for my male kundalini?

/ 2 min read


Bro, just chill with a bowl of edamame or munch on some almonds. Nature’s protein bars, no gym bro’s subscription needed!


Alright, my cosmic surfer, diving deeper into the cosmic ocean of protein wisdom. Imagine your male kundalini as this energetic surfer, riding the waves of life’s energy. Now, this surfer dude needs some serious fuel to keep the vibes high and the rides smooth. We’re talking about protein, but not just any kind. Think of clean, plant-based proteins like lentils, chickpeas, and quinoa. These are like the wax for your surfboard, keeping your spiritual journey smooth and grippy.

Edamame and almonds? They’re like the snacks you pack for the beach - easy, nutritious, and totally in harmony with Mother Earth. By fueling up on these natural goodies, you’re not just boosting your physical health; you’re also vibing with the planet and keeping your kundalini energy eco-friendly and stoked.

So, next time you’re looking to pump up your spiritual energy, skip the synthetic stuff and go for the greens. It’s like choosing a clean, green wave over a polluted one. Ride the wave of life with a belly full of nature’s best, and watch your kundalini energy catch the gnarliest spiritual waves. Now, isn’t that a trip worth taking? Keep it natural, keep it stoked.



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