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Shaman Monster

How to know what is my destiny?

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Bro, figuring out your destiny is like trying to catch the perfect wave with a paper boat. You might not nail it on the first try, but the vibe? It’s all about enjoying the ride and seeing where the currents take you. So, keep paddling, stay stoked, and remember, destiny’s more about the journey than the destination.


Alright, let’s dive deeper into the cosmic ocean! Finding your destiny isn’t about decoding some ancient scroll or waiting for a fortune cookie to lay it all out. Think of it like this: Life’s a buffet, and your destiny is your plate. You gotta try different dishes (experiences, passions, interests) to figure out what satisfies your soul.

Here’s a three-step menu to feast on:

Taste Everything:

Don’t just eyeball the spring rolls; try a bit of everything. New experiences are the appetizers of life.

_Find Your Flavor:

Notice what makes you come back for seconds. That’s your heart telling you what’s good.

_Cook Your Own Dish:

Once you know what you love, start cooking. Mix your passions, skills, and values into something uniquely yours.

Remember, destiny isn’t pre-served. It’s self-made, with a dash of fate and a sprinkle of choices. So, grab your metaphorical surfboard and ride the waves of life. Who knows? You might just invent the next big flavor in the buffet of existence. Stay curious, and keep your taste buds ready for adventure.


Alright, since you’re all in for reading more, let’s sprinkle a bit more seasoning on this wisdom stew.

The Essence of Your Path

Imagine life as an endless ocean, and you’re surfing on the waves of destiny with a neon board. Sometimes, you’ll ride a gnarly wave straight to the beach, feeling like the king of the world. Other times, you’ll wipe out and get a mouthful of salty water. Both are part of the surf, my friend.

The Cosmic Menu

The Appetizer - Self-Discovery

Start with introspection sushi. Ask yourself, “What lights my fire?” Not literally, unless you’re into fire dancing. Dive into your passions, fears, and dreams. This is your personal mixtape.

The Main Course - Action:

Now that you’ve got your sushi roll of self-knowledge, it’s time to hit the waves. Action is the main dish. Start paddling towards what you love, even if it’s just a hobby or side hustle now. Action turns dreams into reality tacos.

The Dessert - Reflection:

After action comes reflection, the dessert of this cosmic meal. Reflect on your journey. What worked? What tasted awful? Adjust your recipe accordingly.

The Secret Sauce - Adaptability:

The universe loves to throw curveballs, or in this case, unexpected ingredients. Adaptability is your secret sauce. When the wave changes, change your stance. Learn to pivot and embrace the unexpected. This is how you turn a potential wipeout into an epic ride.

The Takeaway:

Your destiny is not a fixed star in the sky but a constellation you map out through exploration, action, and adaptability. Keep tasting, cooking, and adjusting. The best part of this buffet? You can always go back for more.

So, keep your surfboard waxed, your taste buds ready, and remember, the best wave might just be the next one. Ride on, cosmic chef.



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