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How to heal myself thru the Vital Force?

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Ah, tapping into the Vital Force, huh? Imagine it’s like charging your phone with cosmic energy instead of a power bank. You gotta keep your vibes high, stay plugged into nature’s wifi, and remember to update your mental apps with positive thoughts. It’s like being a spiritual surfer catching waves of chi.


Think of the Vital Force as your inner battery. To recharge, you need good vibes: eat clean, sleep well, meditate, and laugh a lot. Imagine you’re a tree, rooted deep, soaking up sunlight, and just chilling in your natural greatness.

Keeping stress low and gratitude high is like avoiding junk files on your phone. It keeps everything running smooth. Essentially, be the zen version of a software update for your soul.

The Vital Force, or Qi in Eastern philosophy, flows through everything. It’s the energy that animates life. Imagine you’re part of a vast network, like Wi-Fi, but for life energy. Here’s how to ensure you’re getting the best connection:

Mindful Eating:

Think of food as your charge. Eat with awareness, choosing foods that boost your energy, not drain it. Like choosing apps that enhance your phone’s performance, not slow it down.

Quality Zzz’s:

Sleep is your time for system updates and repairs. Ensure you’re getting enough restful sleep in a dark, cool room. It’s like putting your phone on airplane mode and letting it charge peacefully.

Meditation & Breathwork:

This is how you clear your cache. Daily meditation and controlled breathing keep your mental and emotional bandwidth clear, improving your overall energy flow. Imagine closing unnecessary apps to save battery life.

Nature Time:

Spend time in nature to ground yourself. It’s like connecting to the strongest signal tower for better reception. Nature resets your system, enhancing your Vital Force connectivity.

Gratitude & Positivity:

Keep your internal dialogue positive. Gratitude is like a favorite playlist that uplifts you, keeps your spirits high, and your energy flowing smoothly.

Integrating these practices is like optimizing your device for the best performance. But remember, it’s a daily practice, not a one-time setup. Keep at it, and you’ll find your Vital Force flowing more freely.

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