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Shaman Monster

What is your idea of happiness?

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Happiness is like your favorite playlist on shuffle – you never know what’s coming next, but you’re always ready to dance to the beat. It’s finding joy in the surprises, lah.


Happiness is like enjoying a surprise dessert after a meal – you didn’t know it was coming, but it makes everything better. It’s about savoring the little joys, like finding an extra nugget in your meal or catching the bus right on time. Happiness is also about the company you keep.

Being around people who uplift you can turn even mundane moments into something special. It’s not chasing after what you don’t have, but cherishing what’s right in front of you and sharing a good laugh over it.

Life’s like an endless buffet of experiences; the trick is to fill your plate with what makes you smile and share it with others. Ready for seconds, or all full?


Imagine happiness as a book you’re writing day by day. Each page doesn’t need to be a blockbuster event or a profound revelation. It’s the quiet mornings with a perfect cup of tea, the spontaneous laughter with friends over a silly joke, and the satisfaction of a job well done, even on a small scale. It’s recognizing and embracing these moments, understanding that the grand sum of these snippets is what really fills your chapters with joy.

Now, think about the people around you as the characters in your story. The ones who make you laugh, think, and feel alive are the ones who add depth and color to your narrative. They’re the subplot that makes the main story so much richer.

The key to happiness then becomes a blend of mindfulness and gratitude - being fully present in the moment and appreciating the simple things that life offers. It’s a mindset shift from constantly seeking more, to being content and finding joy in the existing storyline of your life.

In this way, happiness is less about the external quest for more and more about the internal cultivation of a perspective that finds beauty in the everyday. It’s an art form, really, turning ordinary moments into cherished memories.

So, how’s that for a plot twist in the tale of happiness?



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