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Shaman Monster

Any advice about communicating life's nuances?

/ 1 min read


Explaining the nuances of life is like teaching a cat to surf. Possible, but you’ll both end up puzzled and wet.


Alright, diving deeper: Communicating nuances is like trying to play a complex jazz solo to someone who only knows how to play ‘Hot Cross Buns’ on the recorder.

You’ve got all these intricate rhythms and harmonies in your head, but all they hear is squeaks and squawks.

It’s a mix of art, patience, and maybe a bit of telepathy, or at least a lot of “You feel me?” moments.

You’re basically trying to paint the Mona Lisa using only emojis.

It takes skill, finesse, and a whole lot of:

Wait, let me explain that again…

to get the full picture across. And just when you think you’ve nailed it, they hit you with the:

So, it’s like when my dog barks at squirrels?

Close enough, buddy. Close enough.



I'll respond here.