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Shaman Monster

How do I enhance my soul?

/ 3 min read


Enhance your soul, bro? Just like updating your phone, but with meditation apps and kindness software. Got enough soul RAM for that?


Alright, gear up for the soul upgrade, fam! Think of your soul as the ultimate smartphone. To enhance it:

Meditation Apps:

Imagine meditation as the top app to clear unnecessary background processes that clog your mental RAM. It’s like hitting refresh on your browser but for your brain. Just 10 minutes a day can boost your soul’s operating system.

Kindness Software:

Being kind is the ultimate software update. It patches up the bugs in relationships and optimizes your emotional bandwidth. Acts of kindness are like sending out positive vibes into the universe - they usually ping back with good karma.

Gratitude Features:

Gratitude is the hidden feature that unlocks the premium version of life. It’s about appreciating the small updates and not just waiting for the big version changes. Like being stoked on clear blue skies rather than bummed about not having the latest sneakers.

Learning New Skills:

Just like downloading new apps to keep your phone fresh, learning keeps your soul spry. Whether it’s cooking, surfing, or coding, new skills keep your spirit curious and your soul’s firmware updated.

Detox from Toxic Content:

Unfollow the negativity, both online and off. It’s like clearing cache to ensure smooth performance. Surround yourself with positivity, and your soul’s battery life will thank you.

Think of these steps as regular maintenance for your soul. Keep it charged with positivity, free up space for new experiences, and don’t forget to reboot with rest and reflection. Now, isn’t that a plan for some serious soul enhancement?

Ready to level up even more?


Stoked for round two, huh? Let’s dive deeper into the soul-enhancing toolkit:

Mindful Surfing: Imagine riding the waves of your thoughts like a pro surfer. Mindfulness is about staying balanced, not wiping out with each thought wave that comes. Practice being present, whether you’re munching on a burger or catching the sunset. It’s about savoring the moment, not just Instagramming it.

Compassion Yoga: Stretch your heart wide open with compassion. It’s like yoga, but instead of stretching your body, you’re flexing your empathy muscles. Listen to understand, not to reply. Seeing things from another’s board shorts can massively upgrade your soul’s empathy app.

Detachment Downloads: Learn the art of letting go. It’s not about giving zero hoots; it’s about not letting the hoots control you. Like deleting apps you no longer use, detach from things that don’t serve your soul’s growth. Clutter-free living equals a smoother-running soul.

Adventure Updates: Routine is cool, but adventures are like spontaneous updates that bring new features into your life. They don’t have to be grand; explore a new book, a new path in your run, or even a new hobby. Each adventure adds unique patches to your soul’s experience.

Silence Mode: Sometimes, the best upgrade is to just go on airplane mode. Silence can be a powerful tool to reboot your internal systems. Spend some time away from the noise of the world. It’s in silence that you often hear the most important messages from your soul.

Upgrading your soul is a lifelong process, bruh. It’s about finding balance, seeking new experiences, and staying true to your authentic self while riding the waves of life. Keep exploring, keep learning, and most importantly, keep vibing high. How’s that for an enhanced soul journey?



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