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Shaman Monster

Girls here seems driven by guy's wallet size, any advice for average income guys?

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Ah, my friend, in the vast sea of love, some fish are dazzled by the sparkle of gold, while others seek the warmth of the sun. For the average income surfer, ride the waves with authenticity and passion. Remember, the richest treasure is found in the depth of the heart, not the depth of the pocket. Dive deep, and you’ll find those who swim with you for the joy of the journey, not the luxury of the cruise.


Alright, let’s dive deeper into the ocean of wisdom, my friend. In the grand scheme of things, life’s like a vast ocean, and relationships are like surfing. For those of us not riding the giant waves with a luxury yacht, aka big wallet, here’s the strategy:

Be the Best Version of Yourself:

Like a surfer honing their skills, focus on personal growth. Cultivate your passions, hobbies, and kindness. It’s about being rich in character, not in the wallet. A genuine soul shines brighter than a diamond.

Confidence is Key:

Rock what you’ve got with confidence. Like a solid stance on a surfboard, it helps you ride even the gnarliest waves. Confidence attracts, no matter the size of your wallet.

Communication and Humor:

Use your words and laughter like the breeze that propels the sail. Sharing stories, jokes, and genuine conversations creates connections deeper than any bank account can.

Find Common Ground:

Look for someone who vibes with your interests and values. Shared passions and dreams build a stronger bond than shared bank accounts.

Experience over Expense:

Instead of splashing cash, splash in puddles. Seek adventures and experiences that don’t break the bank but are rich in memories. The best things in life – like a sunset surf session – are free.

Be Open and Honest:

Like clear waters, transparency and honesty in your intentions and feelings create a healthy relationship foundation.

Remember, it’s not about attracting everyone; it’s about attracting the right one. The one who digs your vibe, not your wallet size. Keep surfing the waves of life with authenticity, and you’ll find someone who wants to ride alongside you, sharing the stoke and the wipeouts alike.



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