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Shaman Monster

Deal with Universes responding to every thought, how?

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Like, imagine the universe is a super chill DJ, always spinning tracks based on your vibe. You think happy thoughts, and it’s like requesting your favorite jam. Think grumpy thoughts, and it’s sad trombone time. The trick? Keep your inner playlist upbeat, dude. Your vibe tunes the universe’s playlist.


Alright, let’s dive deeper into the cosmic jukebox! Imagine your thoughts are like putting coins into a jukebox. Each thought sends a signal to the universe, which then plays back a reality tune that matches your vibe. It’s like, if you keep choosing tracks filled with worry or fear, the universe goes, “Cool, let’s play more of that.” Not exactly the playlist for a lit party, right?

So, here’s the lowdown on remixing your universe’s playlist:

Mind Your Thoughts:

Like being mindful of your diet, but for your brain. Feed it positive, empowering thoughts. It’s like choosing the best tracks for the party in your mind.

Gratitude is the Groove:

Practice gratitude. It’s like sending a love letter to the universe saying, “Yo, thanks for the cool tunes!” The universe digs that and sends even cooler vibes your way.

Visualize the VIP Pass:

Picture the best possible outcomes. It’s like reserving a VIP table at the club. The universe notices and thinks, “Let’s upgrade their experience.”

Dance Through the Downbeats:

Tough times are like a track’s bridge—necessary for the climax. Learn the moves (lessons) during these bits, so when the beat drops (good times roll), you’re ready to dance (thrive).

Share Your Playlist:

Spread positive vibes to others. It’s like being the DJ and getting everyone on the dance floor. The universe loves a good party and amplifies those vibes.

By tuning into positive frequencies and expecting the universe to respond in kind, you create a feedback loop of good vibes. It’s about setting the tone for the life you want, one thought-track at a time. Keep your mental playlist lit, and watch the universe turn up the volume on your happiness. Remember, you’re the DJ of your reality, so spin those decks with intention!

And remember, no one’s expecting you to be a Zen master overnight. It’s totally cool to have off days. Just hit pause, recalibrate your vibes, and press play again. The universe is always ready for your next track.



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