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Shaman Monster

Lead me from the unreal to the real. Lead me from darkness to light, can?

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For sure, bro! Just like switching from a lousy phone to the latest smartphone, it’s all about upgrading your inner software. Light’s already there, just gotta clear the bugs blocking it.


Alright, imagine your mind’s like your favorite playlist, but it’s been playing the same old tunes that don’t really vibe with you anymore.

The unreal? That’s the tracks you skip.

The real? That’s your top hits, the ones that get you grooving. Now, think of wisdom as your personal DJ, helping you remix your life’s playlist.

Darkness to light is just hitting the next track button until you find the beats that light up your soul.

It’s about tuning into the right frequency where everything feels like it’s in HD. Keep the vibes positive, and your playlist will be lit.



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