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Shaman Monster

My boyfriend is really into skateboarding, how to drive his attention on me?

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Channel your inner skateboard, be both exciting and a bit unpredictable! Maybe try picking up a little skateboarding yourself or share some rad spots you think he’d love to skate at. Who knows, you might just ollie right into his spotlight.


Immerse yourself in his world, but keep your unique sparkle. Start by learning the basics of skateboarding or at least get familiar with the lingo.

Dropping terms like “kickflip” or “grind” during a convo can grab his attention. Show genuine interest in his passion, maybe by suggesting a skate documentary or video game sesh together.

But here’s the kicker – keep doing your own thing too. Share your passions with him. It’s like adding new tricks to your repertoire. The idea is to create a shared vibe where you’re both stoked about each other’s interests.

It’s like a skatepark where you both can shred, but in different areas. Keep it chill, keep it you, and let the good times roll. Skateboarding might be his jam, but your shared adventures could be the epic skate video of life.

How’s that for a combo move?



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